Wedding Day



The "Romance" Weddingmoon (Stewart Island)

Champagne Breakfast

Champagne Breakfast


The morning of your big day is here, and what better way to start the celebrations with a bit of bubbly and a specially prepared breakfast for the two of you. Enjoy a sumptuous breakfast, before making yourselves gorgeous for one another.

The Stewart Island Wedding

(Optional Alternative to the Auckland Wedding)


Happy couple in love
  • Your Wedding Ceremony starts with beautiful music being played as you compose yourselves on the balcony, looking out over the ocean. 
  • A table with champagne is waiting (nerves) and your celebrant will start the formalities with a reading that has been personalized just for the two of you.
  • You will exchange the vows that you have prepared (you'll have to clear the wording with your celebrant beforehand to ensure legal compliance) declaring the promise you have to one another, and publicly displaying this love for all to see.
  • An exchange of rings or gifts to have the visual and tactile reminder of your commitment to each other follows, then the celebrant will announce that you are now married under the laws of New Zealand and the rest of the civilized world.


Happily married couple
  • You may now kiss your partner for life - YOWZA BABY!
  • At appropriate moments throughout the ceremony, music will have been playing and after toasting each other with a glass of champagne you will sign the official paperwork.
  • Now it is time to celebrate with hot canapés and dancing and cutting your wedding cake, before heading off to have your wedding photos taken around the venue of your ceremony.
  • Then it's all about feast, fête and tripping the light fantastic, to continue your nuptials. 
In love


Reception and Party Time!


You are now a MARRIED couple! WhooHoo! Now it is time to let the world know! Maybe you are celebrating with your close friends and family or just as a couple, either way a glorious spread of local cuisine is waiting for you. After the fantastic food it will be time to dance the night away with your comrades or sway together to the romantic music.